Tribesmen flay anti-Pakistan jirga, held in Afghanistan


KHYBER AGENCY: The tribal elders criticized anti-Pakistan jirga convened in Kabul last day and stressed upon Afghan government not to let utilize Afghan land against Pakistan. Tribesmen will never hesitate to lay down their lives for the sake of their motherland.
The views were expressed by the tribal elders while addressing to a Fata peace grand jirga held in sports complex, Jamrud on Sunday.
Beside former federal ministers Noor Haq Qadri and Malik Waris Khan Afridi more than two thousands participants including large numbers of tribal elites, members of civic society and tribal from different walks of life from across the tribal belt and Afghanistan joined in the gathering.
Addressing on the occasion former Member National Assembly Noor Haq Qadri,Malik Waris Khan Afridi,Malik Darya Khan,Malik Manan,Afghani cleric Hashmi and others said criticized the anti-Pakistan gathering organized in Kabul last day and demanded of the Afghan government not to permit any one to use Afghan land against Pakistan and to avoid such kind of activities that suffered bilateral relation of the both neighboring countries.
“Spreading of Indian influence in Afghanistan and establishing of more than sixty five Indian conciliate causing security threat to Pakistan”, they argued.
The speakers added that when USSR attacked Afghanistan in 1979,it was India that supported the Russian offense, however Pakistan came forward and extended every possible assistance to the Afghan refugees but ironically, the Afghan rulers had forgot all of sacrifices done by Pakistan and let the Indians to use Afghan land against Pakistan that was regretful.
The tribal elders said that Durand Line was a permanent and recognized border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and those elements in Afghanistan who denied that fact were just making it a political slogan to misguide the people of Afghanistan.
“Tribesmen favor better relations base on mutual interests of the both countries and the tribal are ready to play their due role to establish good relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan”, the elders remarked.
Offering their services, they urged the Pak authorities to initiate a tribal Jirga that visit to Kabul and call on Afghan rulers to bring the tow ties at normalcy.
It is to be mentioned here that last week an anti-Pakistan Tribal Jirga had been organized in Kabul in which speakers uttered some poisonous words against Pakistan and had rejected Durand Line a permanent boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Prior to it, according to administration official, due to security reasons and tribal Jirga, the Jamrud bazaar was suspended for all kind of activities.