Tribesman electrocutes in Bara


KHYBER AGENCY: A local tribal electrocuted while fixing an electric motor in Sam Baba area,Bar-Kamber Khel of tehsil Bara sub-division of Khyber Agency.
The political administration official said that one,Telawat Khan was fitting electric motor at his water well when he unintentionally touched a bare wire of power supply and received severe electric shock. He was shifted to the nearest health center where the doctors declared him dead after thoroughly examination.
According to the locals, the deceased was a tailor by profession.
Meanwhile a local man was shot dead by unknown killers in Shahkas area of tehsil Jamrud on Saturday.
The Khasadar force official told that Shoab Koki Khel was sitting on roadside out of his home when undisclosed armed persons opened indiscriminate firing and killed him on the spot.
The assassins successfully managed to escape after committing the crime, dwellers of the area told.
Soon after the happen, the Khasadar force personnel moved to the spot, shifted the body to Jamrud hospital for medico-legal formalities and registered case against unknown killers.