Summer Heat Dries Up Wells, Triggers Drinking Water Crisis In Katlang, Mardan


MARDAN, 08 June: Wells in Sango village of Katlang tehsil in Mardan district have dried up creating a drinking water crisis in the locality where locals are largely dependent on underground sources for satiating their thirst.
The residents of the locality have gripped by an acute drinking water crisis as the wells have dried due to drop in the underground water level.
The only government water supply system in the village is insufficient to supply water majority of the houses. The people brining water from far flung natural lacks in hills to meet their needs.
The villagers have asked the government to ensure safe drinking water supply to them in the Ramzan as it is very difficult to bring water from far-flung areas.
A villager, Gul Jameel, told TNN that residents are forced to collect water from distant places in this Razaman and carry it home on their heads or on donkeys. He asked the government to immediately address their water issue.