LG representatives demand release of developmental budget

Peshawar District Assembly

PESHAWAR: The all Neighborhood and Village councils Nazmeen of provincial metropolitan Peshawar have demanded the provincial government to immediately release 33% allocated funds for village and neighborhood councils.
Heading the all Nazmeen organizing committee here at Peshawar press club on Wednesday (UC) Nazim Amanullah khan said that the provincial government has unduly withheld the 33% funds allocated for neighborhood and village councils.
He said that all the 250 villages and neighborhood councils of Peshawar are devoid of developmental funds which has hampered the developmental schemes in the VC /NCs owing to the obstructionist tactics of director general local government and assistant director local government Peshawar.
He maintained that the two officials be immediately suspended and inquiry should be initiated against them.
He added that despite several attempt to meet local government minister, every time they were given sugar- coated promises.
Meanwhile, he also demanded elimination of illegal orders from local government office, and release of withheld session charges of councilors amounting to50 million rupees.
He demanded alteration in KAPRA rules that prohibit Nazim in participating developmental works.
He gave seven days deadline to the provincial government for accomplishment of their demands in case, if their demand did not accept they will hold a protest in front of CM house.