KP police boosted with forensic packaging training


PESHAWAR: The three-day training to equip Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police with modern skills of collecting forensic evidence concluded in the Police School of Investigation Peshawar today, which was organized by the Citizens’ Justice and Peace Programme.
During the various theoretical and practical training sessions, the trained Police experts taught the participants about the appropriate procedures to collect the evidence in a fool-proof manner. These sessions will help the trainees to complete the cases to their logical conclusion based on forensic testing, as improper collection of samples from the crime scene lead to investigations outcomes being affected.
Giving his feedback, the Chief Guest, Mr. Rab Nawaz Khan, the Director Forensic Science Laboratory, thanked CJPP for its assistance and said, ‘’After participating in the training on Forensic Packaging and Investigation, the participants have been trained on crime scene forensic packaging, including how to properly handle finger prints, blood and hair samples and other physical evidence to avoid any wastage and contamination,’’ Providing her impressions about the training, Mughees Munir (ASI), said, “During collection of forensic evidence we ignore many things (e.g. a chewing gum or collecting paint from a car, dry a blood soaked cloth) which are very important for DNA and case investigation.
During this training, I have learnt modern techniques of taking finger prints, preserving blood samples, hair collection and capturing photographs on crime scene management, which will be very useful for me in future case investigation.” Atif Masud, Team Lead CJPP in his remarks said that these trainings are aimed to support in building capacity of the police in the extremely important area of crime investigation. He further said that the training will contribute to the efficient work of the newly refurbished Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) by increasing the number of properly documented and packaged exhibits for examination.
A total of 52 Police officials including women police members participated in the training. The selected participants belonged to the ranks of Sub-Inspector (SI) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), with at least two from each district of KP, dealing with Investigations. The training was supported by the EU-funded ‘’The Citizens Justice and Peace Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (CJPP)’’, aimed at improving Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Home and Tribal Affairs Department (HTAD) and KP Police’s responsiveness to citizens’ security and justice needs by strengthening institutional capacity, inter-departmental coordination and civil society engagement.