Islamic State kills two Chinese teachers kidnapped from Quetta


QUETTA: The terrorist group Islamic State (IS)—also known as Daesh,—has killed two Chinese citizens it kidnapped from Quetta last month, the militant group’s Amaq news agency said on Thursday.
Armed men pretending to be policemen kidnapped two Chinese language teachers in the Pakistani city of Quetta on May 24, agencies reported.
“Islamic State fighters kill two Chinese people they had been holding in Balochistan province,” Amaq said.
An army offensive was launched in 2014 aimed to push militants out of their strongholds near the Afghan border but terrorist groups are now competing with each other after IS launched the “Khorasan Province” in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2015.
Earlier today, Pak-Army had claimed that 12 “hardcore” terrorists, including two suicide bombers, were killed during information based three-day anti terror operation carried out in Mastung and denied the establishment of any direct or indirect Daesh-organised infrastructure in the country.