In violation of HEC rules university set up in residential area

Muslim Youth University

ISLAMABAD: In grave violation of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) rules, the Muslim Youth University (MY University) was established in a residential plaza at residential area of sector G-10/4 of Islamabad.
The HEC rules have clearly outlined conditions for the establishment of new university. According to HEC rules acquiring at least 10 acre of land is the prerequisite to establish a new university, i.e. three acre within the city and seven acre in the surrounding areas of that university. The HEC rules state that establishment of a university in residential area is illegal.
Sources told this scribe that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had served several notices to the university administration to relocate the university, however, the university administration remained unmoved and paid no heed to these notices.
The university is owned by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MNA. CDA authorities are helpless to take action against the said university due to the political backing, sources revealed.
A student of university told “Peshawar Today” that drainage of dirty water is flowing near the university building creates smell which disturb us during the study, university administration should move the campus to some neat place.
To know the point of view of university “The News Eye” reporter tried to meet the Vice Chancellor of the university, but according to his staff he was busy in the meeting, while a female staff member on front desk told that University has taken No objection certificate from Pakistan Engineering Council for Engineering programs and from Higher Education Commission for other graduation programs.
Ayesha Ikram, Director Media relations of Higher Education Commission told that No Objection Certificate was granted to Muslim Youth University, Islamabad on December 09, 2016 with a commitment to build its purpose built campus and meet the land requirements by Fall 2017. The case is under process.