Imran Khan vows to make KP welfare province before term ends


SWABI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan vowed to continue implementation of his vision of change in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and make every sector model for the rest of provinces.
“We made police as role model for rest of the provinces and will make health and education as well” said Imran Khan while addressing a charged crowed in Swabi where Shahram Khan Tarakai, head of the Awami Jamhoori Ittehad Pakistan (AJIP), merged his party with PTI.
“At the end of our tenure in KP, hospitals will become role model for whole country,” said Khan. It the end of their tenure, you will see a welfare province, Khan promised.
Imran Khan also appreciated education minister Atif Khan for improvements in Education Sector.
Criticizing ruling PML-N for taking loans, Khan said that he will prefer death over a begging bowl. Let me assure; Imran Khan will never beg in front of any superpower.
Pakistan will only become a great nation if we get rid of loans and break the begging bow.
Appreciating his own government for handing over luxury flats in NAsapa Peshawar for street children, Khan said “We could earn billions from the flats in Nasapa but we can’t see children on the street and converted it into homes for them”.
“Chief Minister and Speaker’s house will also be open for public soon. We will earn money from it and invest it in our people,” promised Khan.
Zamung Kor, a home for street children, will be replicated all across KP, in all districts. They will give education, shelter, health and training to these kid, said Khan.
The same model of Zamung Kor will be extended to Mardan, Swabi & other cities in KP, revealed Khan.
Before PTI come into power, the people of KP were leaving as only business was Kidnap for ransom which has changed now with peace, claimed Khan.
Khan thanked AJIP leadership for marging their party in PTI. Time will prove that the decision you took will be in the best interest for you and Pakistan, concluded Khan.