Bomb threat forces delays for Shaheen Airlines flight from Peshawar to Dubai


PESHAWAR: Passengers were offloaded and had to wait a little longer to get their luggage loaded again and leave a plane after a bomb threat on a passenger flight from the Peshawar to Dubai.
Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that a bomb threat was made to Shaheen Air International flight NL-786 following which the passengers were offloaded and started a search operation. The search operation the plane, passengers and their luggage is under way, said a CAA official.
An emergency was declared on the Shaheen Air International flight NL-786 which was scheduled to depart from Peshawar at 2:30 pm.
Shaheen Air Station Manager Mushtaq, however, has denied a bomb threat, saying the flight was suspended for “operational reasons”.
The Bomb Disposal Squad was called in to aid the search operation.
Security sources confirmed the flight was offloaded and a security check was ongoing.