Awareness Walk Held To Discourage Use Of Ice Drug In Khyber Agency


JAMRUD, 17 July: A walk was held here on Sunday to create awareness and motivate the masses against the use of Ice, a newly introduced drug that can be smoked in a similar way to cocaine.
The walk was organised by the Khyber Sports Welfare Forum and was attended by the large numbers of people from all walks of life.
Speaking on the occasion, Maulana Abdul Saboob Haqqani said that drugs including Heroin, Hashish, Ice and narcotics were prohibited in Islam. Raja Khan, an Ice drug addict, told the participants that Ice drug is one of the most dangerous types of drugs. He asked the people to avoid the use of the Ice.
On the occasion, five more ice drug addiction announced to leave taking drugs and asked the government to conduct their treatment.
The participants also distributed pamphlets with slogans against smoking and dealing in narcotics among the people to motivate them against the use of Ice.