Young Engineer Mujahid Hussain Died While Saving Lives Of Others In Parachinar Terror Incident


PARACHINAR, 12 July: A large number of people from different fields of life, including doctors and engineers, have lost their lives in the incidents of terrorism in FATA.

26-year-old Engineer Mujahid Hussain is also one such victim who lost his life in twin blasts in Parachinar on 23 June. Wajahat Hussain, younger brother of Mujahid Hussain, said he and his brother Mujahid used to reach every site of terror incidents in Parachinar for taking part in rescue and relief activities. He said Mujahid lost his life in the second blast when he was busy in rescuing the injured persons in the first blast.

“I and my brother reached the blast site. He picked up two injured persons, while I also picked up one injured person. When Mujahid picked up third injured person, another suicide blast occurred and he lost his life in that blast,” Wajahat told.

Sajjad Hussain, elder brother of Mujahid Hussain, said although Mujahid was younger to him in age but he was his mentor in the field of engineering and practical life.


“I am devastated over the death of my brother. However, I am proud of his sacrifice for the country,” Sajjad told.

Mujahid’s mother said although she had nine sons, but Mujahid was most obedient and loving.

“My son was a kind-hearted person and he cared for everyone alike. He was very affectionate towards me and his father. He was like the most attractive flower in the garden. I am proud of my son,” she said.

Mujahid’s parents said they were planning their son’s marriage shortly, but their desire remained unfulfilled.