US To Provide $30mfor TDPs Rehabilitaiton


ISLAMABAD: The United States has announced that it will provide $30 million through USAID in order to help facilitate the return of Temporarily Displaced Persons to Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). “People here are resilient, and with their determination and our support, we look forward to a thriving and peaceful FATA,” said John Groarke, USAID Mission Director. Groarke was speaking at a ceremony attended by representatives of the United Nations and the government of Pakistan. The funds being provided through USAID will support the reconstruction of schools, provide job training, improve farming techniques and will also be utilised to distribute food stipends. USAID’s support is aligned with the FATA Secretariat’s Return and Rehabilitation Strategy, whose goal is the progressive return of all displaced residents from the region. Approximately two million people have fled insurgency and violence in the region since 2008. The United States has provided more than $1 billion in development assistance to FATA since 2009, making it the largest bilateral donor to date. Earlier in July, China had also given a grant of $10 million in cash to support the government of Pakistan in rehabilitation of residents in Fata and to promote subsequent social development in the region. – See more at: