US new policy will bring more unrest to the region: Karzai


PESHAWAR: New US policy will paved way for fresh and prolong conflicts in the war ravaged country Afghanistan and the new strategy will deprived Afghans of their dreams of peace and stability, former Afghan President Hamid karzai told the Pashto service of BBC in Kabul last night.

While talking to the BBC Pashto service he said that we have asked the US and its allies in our country not to bombard civilians, don’t raid houses at night on the name of military operations and don’t killed Afghan forces and civilians and termed it collective damages, but we demands that go after the safe heavens stationed across the border.

Every country faces problems as we witness the shooting in the US which killed dozens and injured hundreds, but every country need a complete plan for peace and stability, and for peace we need that masses of the country should decide the fate of its own problem and that what we need in Afghanistan.

“We need a home grown policy for peace in Kabul and stability will come to the country after a policy passed from afghan parliament and approved by its masses, an utopian policy will give way to new prolong war, regional instability and fresh bloodshed of the afghan,” karzai said.

They have told the US stationed commanders and ISAF chief in Kabul in several meeting that attack those safe heavens in FATA and Pakistan, but US have declined the requests of the Kabul and added that they told them that Pakistan is its closed ally in the war on terror” Karzai said.

For Afghan peace we need Afghan model of strategy for peace in the country and if the US is going to implement it on the country, it utterly needed that Afghan should have say in the process making of the new strategy for the his country, Karzai added.

“Afghanistan knew the need for their soil and its also important that the new strategy should also ensured the neighbors that new policy will not hurt their interests of their country and Afghan soil shouldn’t be used against any of our neighbors in the region, and shows displeasures that US should implement the New strategy in the county after approval and discussion in the Afghan parliament” Former president said.

Peace talks
The former president have accepted that Taliban have never accept the offers of the US or Afghan delegation but asked the government and militants to use the way of dialogue for peace and hope that the dispute will not take shape of the era of Russian-Taliban era.

Durand line
The Afghan former president while addressing a question that Afghan and he himself not accept the border of Durand from the day first and fencing on the dispute border will further aggravated the efforts of war on terror in both country.

“ We don’t accept the Durand line as border between Pak-Afghanistan, but accept that peace and stability in his country can’t be achieved without the support of Pakistan” Karzai said
He give an example of the France and German who fought for years and now enjoying best relationship and we have the proofs that Pakistan have the safe heavens in FATA and other parts, but they are reluctant to waged war against them.

Earlier he blamed that US is providing weapons and resources to the militants and specially ISIS in bordering area of Afghanistan, and claimed that unmarked helicopters traveled at night to the safe heavens of IS in Helmand, bordering districts of Pakistan.