Tribesmen ask NLC to honor agreement of 2015


KHYBER AGENCY: The nine members elected committee of Khuga Khel tribe asked National Logistic Cell (NLC) to materialize the land lease agreement signed between the two in 2015 for establishing of terminal in Torkham.

Addressing to a press conference, the committee members including Muhammad Zakria, Abdurrazeq Shinwari, Naib Shah,Musthaqeem Khan and others said that with consent of Khuga Khel tribe, a mutual accord was signed with NLC on June 04,2015, according to which the tribal conferred a piece of 300 kanals land to NLC in Torkham for construction of terminal and in return the later would grant 24% share in profit with 10% increase annually and RS.20 million yearly would be bestowed to Khuga Khel in term of release agreement.

But ironically, after taking hold of the land, NLC started hitching plot to become the lonely profiteer of the development project and with support of political administration signed another pact with so-called representatives of the Khuga Khel tribe according to which a fix profit was allocated for the tribe in return of the land lease that was rejected by the tribal and with approval of Khuga Khel, the pact was challenged in High Court of Islamabad.

Contracting another pact putting question mark on the role of NLC and intentions of it was disclosed, they adding that it through unfair means would leave tribesmen jobless and would usurp economic resources of the Khuga Khel tribe.

They demanded of President and Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, Chairman FBR and Corp Commander Peshawar to take serious notice of they called misconducts and unlawful acts of NLC and make the project pro-tribesmen and for the development of the country.