Tribal women protest against mass arrests, brutality of FC in Khyber Agency


KHYBER AGENCY: Dozen of  tribal women, first of this nature, has staged a protest demonstration against what they alleged is mass arrests and brutal behaviour of Khyber Rifles(FC) against the citizens of Landikotal.

As per details, women of Khuga Khel tribe of Landikotal, staged a protest at bypass road against arrest of their relatives in the backdrop of search operation and crackdown in the area. The women accompanied by their children were hold black flags and placards inscribed with slogans against the force.

The protest women were on the view that days back, Khyber Rifles apprehended their guiltless relatives including schools children on pretext of search operation and were still in their custody.

The force during search operations in Khuga Khel used to break in their houses without lady searchers that was on one hand against the rites of tribal society and on other hand created fear in the children.

“Practically the Khyber Rifles soldiers have besieged the area of Ashraf Khel, the sub-tribe of Khuga Khel by setting up entry and exit point inside the locality and teasing the dwellers by on excuse of investigation”, the protesters maintained.

They added that the soldiers recovered nothing unlawful object in their raids but beside it, they arrested their children that was regretful, they argued.

The tribal women demanded early release of their innocent relatives, detained by the Khyber Rifle in last search operation.

After assurance of the tribal elders and the political administration, they ended their agitation.

Remained was suspended for all kind of traffic for some time, traffic on bypass road was resumed at bypass road.