Sudi King did not recognize Raheel Sharif in a meeting, says Haroon Rashid


ISLAMABAD: The renowned journalist Haroon Raheed has revealed that Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Salman Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud did not recognize the Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif during on meeting on mutual interests, regional security territorial integrity of the kingdom.
Haroon Rasheed made this revelation during a TV show and claimed that King Salman cannot rule Kingdom efficiently as he has memory loss problems.
He told this incident as counter argument to his statement that during scheduled meeting between King Salman and COAS General Raheel Shareef, despite being briefed before meeting, King denied to recognize General Raheel which created quite an embarrassing situation.
General Raheel Sharif had made two-day trip to Saudi Arabia at the first week of November where he met chief of General Staff of Saudi Forces Gen Abdulreham bin Saleh Al Bunyan, defence minister and commander of Saudi Land Forces.
He further said that he is too old and weak to run Kingdom and it is quite likely that he would resign soon.