Sportsmen flay delay in construction of ground


KHYBER AGENCY: The football association of Khyber Agency criticized the Communication and Works (C&W) department for its delays tactics to construct football ground at government boys high school and demanded appropriate action the against responsible ones.

In a press conference held in Landi Kotal Press Club on Friday, President football association, Najeeb Shinwari said that construction works on the project worth of Rs.24.5 millions was inaugurated by the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP) in March 2016, and completion time of the project was eight months but ironically the with passage of more than one year one percent works on the ground had not been done.

“The slow pace of works have suffered sports activities in the area as it is the lonely ground where the association manages football tournaments and the sportsmen do their practice games”, he said and adding the administration should arrange an alternative ground at Hamza Baba complex where the players performed their routine exercise during the time of construction works at the ground.

Flanked by other members of the association Mr.Shinwari maintained that they convoyed their grievances to C&W and other officials but to in avail.

They warned that if the construction works on the ground was not speedup than they have no other option to initiate open agitation against it.