Punjab medical team’s doctor diagnosed with dengue virus in Peshawar


PESHAWAR:  A doctor of the Punjab medical team working to control dengue virus in provincial capital was diagnosed with dengue disease on Saturday.
According to reports, Dr Matlubul Hasan had come down with a fever on Friday and was sent back to Punjab where it was confirmed that he was suffering from dengue. Dr. Abid Khan said that he was busy in treatment of people in Tehkal area of Peshawar when he complaint of having fever. Later, he was sent back to Punjab where he was diagnosed with dengue disease.

Meanwhile, two more dengue infected people were killed in Abbotabad taking the total numbers of deceased from dengue virus in the province to 10.  According to reports, more than two thousand dengue cases were reported so far in the province. The health department officials were reluctant to give comments as the dengue cases increasing and spreading to other districts.
He said that more than thousand patients of dengue diseases were treated so far in the mobile health unit.
It is pertinent to mention here that at least seven people have so far been died and more than 650 people diagnosed with dengue diseases. According to reports, the number of dengue diseases keeps on increasing and spread to other districts of the province