PTI to hold first digital intra-party election on June 11


PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Election Commissioner Azam Khan Swati on Thursday said that modern technology would be used in intra-party election scheduled for June 11.
“More than 2.7 million party registered members would vote through phone and text messages on June 11 and 12,” he said while addressing a press conference here.
Senator Azam Swati said that two panels- Insaf Panel led by Imran Khan and Ehtisab Panel led by Naik Mohammad Khan- are going to contest for top slots of the party including party chairman, general secretary, presidents, and regional heads.
Naik Mohammad Khan, founding members and hails from Malakand Division, will contest against Imran Khan.
Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Jahangir Khan Tareen would be the candidates of Insaf panel for the slot of vice chairman and secretary general respectively . They have been challenged by Syed Aftab Shah and former state minister Dr Shehzad Waseem of Estisab panel for the same slots. Dr Arif Alvi would vie for the slot of Sindh president from Insaf Panel while he has been challenged by Raja Azhar Khan.
Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind is the candidate for Balochistan president from Insaf panel while Ehtisab panel has fielded Sardar Khadim Hussain Wardak.
Former minister Ishaq Khan Khakwani is candidate of Insaf group for the slot of South Punjab president while Mohammad Ibrahim Khan would be the candidate from Ehtisab group.
Abdul Aleem Khan is candidate for Central Punjab president who is being challenged by Mansha Sindhu. Amir Mehmood Kayani is candidate for president North Punjab from Insaf panel while he is being challenged by Mohammad Yousaf Khattak. Faizullah Kamoka is candidate for president West Punjab from Insaf Panel while he is up against Maj (retd) Abdur Rehman Rana from Ehtisab panel.
Ali Amir Gandapur is Insaf Panel’s candidate for president south region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Ziaullah Bangash is contesting against him from Ehtisab group.
KP Finance Minister Shah Farman is candidate for the slot of president Peshawar region and he is being challenged by Syed Abdul Saboor Shah from Ehtisab panel.
Mehmood Khan is candidate of Insaf group for president Malakand Region while Ehtisab group has fielded Abdul Munim Khan, MPA.
Zargul Khan MPA is candidate for president Hazara Region while he is up against Abdul Haque Khan MPA from Ehtisab panel.
Raja Khurram Nawaz is candidate of president Islamabad Region while Raja Qaisar Ghaffar is contesting from Ehtisab panel.