PPP leaders Dr Asim, Sharjeel Memon barred from leaving the country


KARACHI: The Federal Ministry of Interior has put the names of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders Dr Asim and Sharjeel Memon on the Exit Control List (ECL) upon recommendation of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), barring them from leaving the country.
Memon is already outside of Pakistan these days. The sources told that the NAB had written to the Interior Ministry seeking both bar on both PPP leaders from traveling abroad.
Dr Asim is already being investigated for various cases of corruption. Only today, another case against Dr Asim has been lodged at Karachi’s North Nazimabad police station with government as complainant.
The case includes Anti-Terrorism Act’s Section 7. Dr Asim is likely to get arrested in this case. According to the police, Dr Asim is accused of getting terrorists treated at private hospitals.
Earlier this month, chairperson of Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Asim Hussain’s wife had retracted her contempt of court plea against Rangers.
Dr Zareen Hussain’s counsel maintained that her client has advised him to reverse the plea.
Sindh High Court’s (SHC) divisional bench comprising of Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Junaid Ghuffar held hearing of the petition. Barrister Abid Zubairi asked the court to discard the plea filed.
The plea was taken back as the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan has ordered Hussain’s thorough medical checkup.
However, earlier the Rangers had not conducted a medical checkup of Asim despite court orders. Barrister Zubairi said that the purpose behind filing the plea has been achieved through the SC.