Orakzai Agency’s displaced families demand early rehabilitation


OKRAKZAI: Displaced people of the Mamozai tribe of Orakzai Agency Tuesday asked the federal government to ensure their rehabilitation to their hometowns without any further delay.
As per details, a jirga of Mamozai tribe elders was held at Agency headquarter in which requested federal government, political administration and Army Chief to rehabilitate them as soon as possible.
They said that 18 tribes of Orakzai Agency had migrated to other parts of the country after militancy and military operation in the agency. Out of 18, 17 tribes had rehabilitated by the government. However, after passage of ten years, Mamozai tribe was yet to be rehabilitated.
They have asked the President, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif and political administration to take concrete steps to their repatriation.
Meanwhile, political administration said that Mamozai area is yet to be cleared from militants. The displaced people will be rehabilitated once the area cleared from militants, said political administration.: