Nowshera People Protest Against Unavailability Of Water


NOWSHERA, 5 July: The people and local government representatives of Bakhti area of Nowshera on Wednesday staged protest demonstration against lack of clean drinking water in the area.

Bakhti village council representatives Muhammad Rehman, Resham Gul, Muhib Ali, Syed Khattak and other leaders said while addressing participants of the protest in front of Nowshera Press Club that some water supply pipelines in the area have been broken while others are rusted and water supplied through these pipelines is unfit for consumption. They said clean drinking water is unavailable in their area for the last two months due to which their women and children are compelled to fetch water from far off areas.

They said despite allocation of funds worth millions of rupees, no development project has been carried out in their area and the water supply problem also remains unresolved. They said they had approached the elected lawmakers of the area for resolution of problems several times, but nothing happened. They warned to block GT Road for all kind of traffic if water issue was not resolved within three days.