NA observes a minute’s silence over Paris attacks


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly of Pakistan on Friday observed a minute of silence to condemn the deadly terrorist attacks which left 130 people dead in Paris.
Today, when the 26th session of the National Assembly began in the capital, the House observed a minute’s silence to express his deep grief over the attack and loses of lives.
Earlier this week, 128 people were killed and 180 left injured at multiple locations in Paris in a wave of coordinated attacks by militants. The self-styled Islamic State, which subsequently claimed responsibility for the attack, also bombed the Lebanese capital the same week.
The night before Paris attacks – the deadliest in Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombings – IS bombed South Beirut, killing 44 people, and wounding over 200. The twin blast were aimed at a Hezbollah bastion, ostensibly in revenge for its military support of regime forces in neighbouring Syria’s civil war.
Both attacks targeted urban centers. In Paris, militants attacked a theatre and several restaurants. In Beirut, they hit a busy shopping street.
Earlier Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had visited French embassy in Islamabad on Tuesday, to express his deep grief over the attacks.