Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan writer Jamiluddin Aali is no more


KARACHI: Pakistan’s eminent poet, playwright and scholar Jamiluddin Aali passed away on Monday after a protracted illness. He was 90.
Raju Jamiluddin, son of Aali, confirmed the demise, saying his father was an asset of the Pakistani nation.
“He will rule the hearts of the people of the motherland through his literary work and songs,” tearful Raju Jamiluddin said. He said he was beside him when he breathed his last.
Aali was born in 1926 in a literary family of Delhi. His grandfather Nawb Allauddin Ahmed was a friend and student of great Urdu poet Ghalib. His father Sir Ameeruddin Ahmed Khan was also a poet, and his mother Syeda Jamila Baigum belonged to the family of Mir Dard.
Famous patriotic songs that he wrote also include “Aye Watan Ke Sajelay Jawanoo”, Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan” “Hum Mustafavi Mustafavi Hain”, “Mera Paigham Pakistan”, “Ab Yeh Andaz-e-Anjuman Hoga”, “Hum Maain, Hum Behnain, Hum Baitiyan”, “Jo Naam Wahi Pehchan, Pakistan Pakistan”, “Aye Des Ki Hawaao, Kushboo Mein Bas Ke Jao”, “Itne Bade Jewan Sagar Mein, Tu Ne Pakistan Diya”,”Yeh Kavita Pakistani Hai”.
To acknowledge his services, the government of Pakistan bestowed Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance upon Jamiluddin Aali.