IDPs from NWA demands ration restoration


PESHAWAR: Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from North Waziristan Agency demanded the restoration of ration from federal government.
The IDPs from five tehsils of NWA, staged a protest demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club and called for restoration of rations and foods.
The IDPs included from Spinwam, Razmak, Dusali, Gariwam and Shawa tehsils. The protesters blamed that the federal government had stopped the rations and foods to them.
“We left our homes for the sake of Pakistan. We lost our houses, property and business just to save Pakistan from terrorists. But the government instead of facilitating us, contributing in increase of our difficulties,” said an Adnan Khan.
The protesters said that if their demands were not met, they will shift their protest camp to Islamabad.