First dengue case reported in Upper Dir


UPPER DIR: Dengue virus continued to spread to other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as first dengue case has been reported in Upper Dir district here on Monday.
According to District Head Quarter (DHQ) Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah, a suspected was admitted at District Head Quarter (DHQ) Hospital where he was diagnosed virus.
Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah said that the patient Khan Zada, resident of remote area of Upper Dir Barawal village Bala-Chand, come to hospital in casualty unit three days ago his favor/ temperature was very high as well high pain in their body after all we start their Laboratories diagnosed is Dengue favor his test was NS -1 Positive his treatment was started on the time. Further he said about the patient history said that it’s the first case which comes it Upper Dir the patient was resident of Tehsil Barawal but he visits Karachi ten days ago when he comes back to home and hospital diagnosed with dengue, dengue attacked on the patient at Karachi or their way to Dir other places not in Upper Dir. Dr. Fayaz Ali said that we are established in DHQ hospital a separation unit of eleven beds for dengue patients all the medicines all available in the hospital free medicines had been provided to dengue patients now the treatment of Khan Zada start his Platelets now on the third day was one lac and forty-four thousand feeling well soon be discharged from hospital.