Civil, military leadership on same page against flawed US policy: VOP


Minus Pakistan formula will fail in Afghanistan

PESHAWAR: The Veterans of Pakistan (formerly PESA) on Friday expressed satisfaction over the response of Pakistan to US threats as the civilian and military leadership appeared on the same page.
It lauded the stern response by the National Security Committee to US President’s South Asian Strategy which is flawed at best and has attracted criticism from many countries, it said.
This was observed in a meeting of VOP headed by its acting President Admiral Tasneem. Vice Admiral Mohammad Haroon, Brig Mian Mahmud, former Ambassador Salim Gandapur, Brig Samson Sharaf, Brig Muhammad Riaz, Maj Maqsood, Capt.Dr. Babur Zahiruddin, Maj Farouk Hamid Khan, Mr. Nawaz Ali, Brig Masud ul Hassan were among those who attended the meeting.
The meeting observed that enhanced Indian role in Afghanistan and her dream of regional dominance back by the US is not acceptable to Pakistan and that any minus Pakistan formula in Afghanistan will fail.
CPEC would be completed at any cost despite opposition by the US and India and relations with China and Russia cannot be compromised to please America, the VOP members added.
They said that the US President Trump has wrongly held Pakistan responsible for its failure in Afghanistan as Islamabad has done more against terrorism than any other country and remains a target of terrorism.
The former military leaders said that Mr Trump has tried to hide weaknesses of his administration by making a scapegoat of Pakistan as has made no mention about TTP leadership controlling terrorism in Pakistan from Afghanistan.
The US president also ignored Indian agent Kalbhushan, who has confessed involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan.
The USA has never been happy with Pakistan’s nuclear programme, whereas it continues to support India’s nuclear programme. Kerry Lugar Bill and India’s inclusion in Nuclear Suppliers Group is a wide open example.
They said that democracy cannot be introduced in Afghanistan on gunpoint.