Christmas celebration at peak in Landi Kotal


KHYBER AGENCY: Like elsewhere in the world with approaching of Dec 25, the Christmas celebrations have gotten momentum in Landi Kotal and the Christian community has been found busy from dawn to dust finalizing their shopping for their religious festivity.

Dozens of Christian families can be witnessed wandering in numerous streets of Landi Kotal bazaar while buying clothes, shoes and other commodities relating to the Christmas day.

A Christian student Sattar Maseeh said, a month earlier of the Christmas day, they have started shopping to commemorate the day. Special program and religious poems have been finalized to observe the great day with religious fervor. Regarding the day celebration he added, on Christmas day, particular foods are prepared at homes and take part in special prayers regarding the Day in the church.

Iffath Naz, a Christian female teacher said she along with her family bought new clothes, shoes etc. to observe the day warmly. They decorated church and their homes and after cutting cake in the church on Christmas Day, they greeted their relatives and served them special foods, cooked at their homes.

Sharing details central member of Pakistan Minority Alliance, Arshad Maseeh said that 250 Christians families were residing in Landi Kotal while Khyber agency accommodating 335 Christian families executing their duties as government employees or in private enterprises.

He expressed satisfaction over the general attitude on the side of the tribesmen and said that the Christians in Khyber did not consider themselves parted of the tribal society, he opined.

The local tribesmen used to felicitate us on our religious celebrations and share our joys by joining our parties without any hesitation, he observed.

Meanwhile a gathering of Christian community was organized at Jirga hall here in Tehsil Landi Kotal on Friday.

Political Agent Khyber,Khalid Mehmood was the chief guest on the occasion.Large numbers of Christians,local elders and members of civil society were among the participants.

PA greeted the community on the eve of the Christmas and granted the participants Christmas cash prizes.

At the end cake was cut to initiate the Christmas celebrations.