Bacha Rahman “A Short Biography”


Bacha Rahman hailing from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan a young, energetic and a high-powered individual. A person who always strive for betterment of his society. He started his social activism when he was in the early age of my life; he start donating blood to the needy and helpless people, and also start motivating other young people to donate blood. Now he have a complete blood donor society of more than 400 young people with the help of Mardanwal Khalaq organization. He use social media as a tool of motivation for other young people. Bacha Rahman in the Social Media activist and Journalist to raise the voice of voiceless.

Bacha Rahman

He used Social media to raise awareness, to promote peace, culture and Social awareness. He did many live programs on different accident in Pakistan and also did interviews from very well known personality in Pakistan. Currently he is living in Italy and helped people in Italy to raise their voices if they need any kind of moral or media support. He is A proud Pakistan and Proud Pakhtoon who represented Pakistan and Pukhtoon on a very positive way to the rest of the world. Bacha Rahman is a dedicated and a punctual person, who would put his very best in every task given by you people. He thinks his province is lacking so many things in this perspective, and he being a motivated individual of his society. He is also the member of Mardanwal Khalaq organization a Youth led Organization who is working for the betterment of the society. He do campaigns on social media for the needy people, if they need any kind of support, Bacha Rahman published their stories on social media to get the attention of the people of our community and then connect with them who want to help them.